Orange Surprise (Sink or Float: Peeled Vs. Unpeeled)

Good evening scientists! We have an easy experiment that you can do with any citrus fruit that you can peel. We choose to use a tangerine (Orange to my little scientist), he named the experiment after we did it. Materials 2 Tangerines, Oranges, or Grapefruit Tall, Clear Vase Water Investigation Fill your vase with water… Continue reading Orange Surprise (Sink or Float: Peeled Vs. Unpeeled)

Balloon Blow Up **UPDATED 9/16/2020**

Good afternoon scientists! We just blow up a balloon using science. Help your little scientist to complete this investigation today. Materials Balloon(s) Baking Soda Vinegar Clean Empty Plastic Bottle 1/2 Tsp Measuring Spoon Measuring Cup (1/4 cup) Funnel(s) Safety Goggles Investigation Make sure to wear your safety goggles. Place the funnel into the balloon opening,… Continue reading Balloon Blow Up **UPDATED 9/16/2020**

Lunchbox Sweet Pepper Seeds and Seedlings

Good afternoon scientists! We have another kitchen scraps gardening investigation for you today. My little scientist absolutely loves lunchbox sweet peppers. We took our peppers and saved the seeds to grow new peppers with. Spread the joy of science to your little one with this fun plant investigation. Materials Lunchbox Sweet Peppers Small Container (Ideally… Continue reading Lunchbox Sweet Pepper Seeds and Seedlings