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Having Fun Doing Science with Your Little One

As a former 7th grade science teacher of the year turned stay at home mom, I love having fun doing science with my little one. I wanted to make science more accessible for other families. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to provide quality, fun science investigations for your little ones.

I really wanted to create a site that would help parents to enjoy science experiments with their young children. Each experiment includes pictures or videos, materials needed, the investigation, and talking points. Materials are written using normal household supplies instead of using scientific tools and measurements. The investigation is a step by step walk through of the experiment. Talking points include the science behind the experiment and definitions of the science vocabulary terms addressed in the investigation. I write out each of the definitions in easy to understand language instead of scientific jargon.

Science is everywhere, it is the study of the world around you. Every child is a natural born scientist, they love to question and explore. I’m looking forward to getting more kids interested in the joy of science and helping you to be Having Fun Doing Science with Your Little One!

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