DIY Eggshell Sidewalk Chalk

Good morning scientists! This is an egg-strordinary experiment. 🥚

We made our own chalk yesterday and just got to go outside and play with it! Help your little one to make chalk, you will be glad that you did 😄

MaterialsDIY Chalk from Eggshells (4)

Egg Shells (3-5 eggs per color)


Hot Water

1 Tablespoon Measuring Spoon

1 Teaspoon Measuring Spoon

Sandwich Bags

Food Coloring


Mortar and Pestle

Optional: Gloves (If you are worried about staining fingers from the food coloring), Ice Cube Tray (to mold the chalk in), **Adults only** Oven and all of the trays and baking mits needed (dries out the chalk faster)


  1. We saved our egg shells and soaked them in antibacterial soap. After soaking I peeled the membrane from the shell, then soaked again to make sure everything was clean. We rinsed and dried the shells. Grind up your eggshells as fine as you can get them using a mortar and pestle.
  2. In a sandwich bag add 1 Tablespoon ground egg shells, 1 teaspoon hot water (We used tap), 1 teaspoon flour, and about 20 drops of desired food coloring color.
  3. Mix up the contents of the bag well, snip the bottom corner of the bag off to use the bag as a piping bag. Pipe out log shapes or fill silicone ice cube trays with the mix. Repeat steps until all of the egg shells are used up.
  4. It will take 3+ Days to dry. We sped up the drying time with this optional step: Bake the logs or silicon molds in the oven at 150-170 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes. Let sit for additional 24 hours to make sure it is completely dry.
  5. Go outside and create some art with your new chalk.img_1764

Talking Points

Eggshells are made up of calcium carbonate. This is the same material used to make chalk. The flour, water, and egg shells combined together to make a solid chalk. The food coloring allowed the chalk to get died so that you could write in colors. 

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