Tomato Seedlings from a Tomato

We used a tomato to grow tomato seedlings! We can’t wait for the seedlings to get a little bigger and move them to their new homes, so we can enjoy our yummy tomatoes.

MaterialsTomato Seedlings from a Tomato (2)

Tomato (We used Roma Tomatoes, then later used Cherry Tomatoes)


Cutting Board

Garden or Planter


  1. Cut a tomato into slices about 1/4 inch thick.Tomato Seedlings from a Tomato (3)
  2. Place the slices on the top of your garden soil or planter soil. Cover with a thin layer of soil so that you no longer see the tomato slices.
  3. Water daily. It takes 7-15 days for the new tomato plants to sprout.
  4. Wait until your tomato plants are a few inches tall, then separate and grow the individual plants. Below is our Roma Tomatoes and  Cherry Tomatoes replanted in a 5 gallon bucket gardens.Tomato Seedlings from a Tomato (15)IMG_2030

Talking Points

Plants reproduce primarily from producing seeds. A tomato is a fruit and it has its seeds inside of the tomato. When you slice or bite into a tomato you can see lots of little seeds.

In nature a fruit plant reproduces by creating fruits with seeds (mostly on the inside, but strawberries are an exception). When the fruits get overripe they fall from the parent plant and rot away on the ground. The seeds become exposed to the soil as this process continues, if the soil conditions are favorable the seeds sprout into new fruit plants.

In our investigation we took tomatoes and sliced them up exposing their seeds. When we planted the slices in the garden the soil was touching the seeds and allowed them to sprout up and start growing tomato seedlings.

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