Plarn (Yarn Out of Plastic Bags)

Good morning scientists! If you have never watched The Ruff Ruffman Show we highly recommend it, my little scientist adores it and it has great science investigations with kids. It is free on the PBS Kids Video App. We decided to try out one of the investigations at home, and made our own Plarn (yarn out of plastic bags).

MaterialsPlarn (1)

Plastic Bags



  1. Fold a plastic grocery bag in half, then in half a second time. Cut the bag in strips.Plarn (2)
  2. Next remove the very bottom of the bag and the top to recycle. You only want the full circles from the bag. Plarn (4)
  3. Loop one of the circles through another and then loop back through itself, pulling tightly to make a chain of plarn.

  4. We decided to braid our plarn to create an even stronger version to play with. We used it as a tightrope for our toy guys to cross the room. We made three small chains by repeating steps 1 and 2 then braided the chains together. It is easiest to start with small chains then add new loops as needed to keep braiding to the desired length.Plarn (14)

Other uses: You could also croquet with the plarn and create bags, picnic blankets, or rugs. I did try to croquet with our braid and it worked well. I am a beginner, but hopeful I can make something a bit more exciting in the future with our plarn.Plarn (11)

Alternatively, you can also use the loops and weave them to create a mat.

Talking Points

Plarn or Plastic yarn is a great way to reuse plastic bags and you can make so many useful things out of it. We hope you enjoyed making plarn and playing as much as we did.

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