Planting Garlic

🧄 Good morning scientists! Last night when we were making dinner I noticed that one of our garlic bulbs had sprouted. What to do? Turn it into a science lesson of course. We just finished planting the garlic cloves in our garden. It is late in the year to grow garlic in Florida but we thought it would be fun to give it a try anyway.

MaterialsPlanting Garlic (2)

Garlic Bulb

Garden or Planter (Plants need about 4 inches per plant)



  1. Carefully pull apart the garlic bulb into individual cloves of garlic, leaving as much of the papery skin as you can. Be extra careful with any cloves that have sprouted.
  2. Plant in garden or planter with 6 + hours of sunlight a day. Place the clove root side down, leaving 4 inches between cloves.Planting Garlic (7)
  3. Cover in 1-2 inches of soil. Water gently keeping the soil moist until established. Our plant date was 5/13/2020. **Note we marked where one of the cloves was planted and placed our painted garden rock to the side, then measured out where the other cloves were. Want to make painted rock garden markers? The link for our painted garden markers is below the talking points.Planting Garlic (14)After 6 days we have had 5 of 7 sprout fully, 1 that is just starting to peak out and 1 hasn’t shown any growth yet. **We use plastic fencing to cover our soil to deter cats from using it, I gently cut back the hole for the garlic sprouts.Planting Garlic (16)Planting Garlic (20)Planting Garlic (25)

Talking Points

Most plants grow from seeds. Some plants grow new plants from bulbs, cuttings, and tubers. Garlic is a member of the onion family. It doesn’t produce (make) seeds instead it grows from the individual cloves of garlic which are each a part of the bulb.

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