Marbled Shaving Cream Art

Hi scientists! If you are looking for some Mother’s Day art projects we have you covered, today we used shaving cream to make marbled artwork. 🙂

MaterialsMarbled Shaving Cream Art (1)

Card Stock Paper

Baking Sheet

Butter Knife

Shaving Cream

Food Coloring (One or More Colors)

Toothpick (To stir)


Marbled Shaving Cream Art

  1. Spray shaving cream on a baking sheet, spread it out flat with the butter knife. Note: The more your spread out the shaving cream the bigger your artwork can be.
  2. Add 3-5 drops of food coloring randomly on the shaving cream and gently mix with a toothpick.

  3. Place a sheet of card stock on top of the colored shaving cream, gently press to make sure that it is touching well. Pull the card stock slowly off of the shaving cream.
  4. Set out some parchment paper to lay your artwork on to dry fully before touching (away from kids and pets).Marbled Shaving Cream Art (55)
  5. It has a really neat texture when dried, enjoy as is or use the dried marble shaving cream art paper to make other art crafts like cards.Marbled Shaving Cream Art (59)

Talking Points

The Marbled Shaving Cream Art worked because of the shaving cream. Shaving cream is full of compressed air, that is why you have to give it a little shake then it expands so much after you spray it out. When we added the food coloring to the top of the shaving cream and stirred it around it made neat marbled swirls. The swirls were then transferred to our paper by gently pressing and removing the paper. When shaving cream is able to dry out it loses the extra air from being compressed and slowly deflates into a textured solid.

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