Marbled Painting

Hi scientists! If you are looking for a Mother’s Day art project we have you covered with this fast, and easy marble painting technique. Check back with us tomorrow for another marbled artwork technique.

MaterialsMarble Painting (1)



Canvas (Any Size)

Box (Fits your canvas snugly or add a couple paper towels to hold the canvas)

Adult Only, Optional: Spray Sealer, Hot glue and ribbon to carefully decorate the outside boarder of the canvas.


  1. Place your canvas snugly in the box, add paper towels if there is a slight space between the box and the canvas.Marble Painting (5)
  2. Add paint drips, 1 large or a few small ones, of your desired colors to your canvas (Spread the colors out). We choose 4 different color tones. Place marbles on top of your canvas in the box and gently move the box around so that the marbles roll around and through your paint, keep moving the box around until you are happy with your painting.Set the painting aside to dry away from kids and pets. Seal with paint spray if desired.Talking Points

We used mechanical energy to create a beautiful painting using marbles. Potential energy is the energy of position. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. When kinetic and potential energy are combined at the same time it is called mechanical energy.

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