Regrowing Celery (In water then planted in DIY Planter)

Hi scientists! We have been growing our own celery over the past 10 days. Turn your food scraps into celery that you can plant in your garden or keep as a window plant.

MaterialsRegrowing Celery in Water (3)


Cutting Board and Knife

Shallow Bowl or Container

For Planter: Peanut Butter Jar with Lid (We Used 28 oz), Small Rocks, Soil, 1/8 Drill Bit


  1. Cut the celery heart off of the celery bundle.Regrowing Celery in Water (7)
  2. Place the celery heart in a shallow bowl or container and fill with water so that the bottom is covered. Set your container in a sunny window sill and watch your celery regrow. Check and refill/replace water daily.

    After 7-10 days your can plant the celery in your garden or a container to keep in your window sill. Cover so that only the very tip sticks out.

  3. If you would like to make a DIY planter: Have an adult, use extreme caution and don’t let your bit walk, drill 5 holes in the bottom of a peanut butter jar for drainage using a 1/8 drill bit. Fill the bottom of your jar with a layer of small rocks to help with drainage, cover about 2 inches. Fill the jar with dirt. Plant your celery in the dirt covering so that only the tip sticks out. Add more dirt if needed. Place the lid under the jar to catch excess water. Water and place in your window sill. Keep Moist, dump out the extra water as it drains if necessary
  4. If you would like to make a DIY Planter Method Two: Follow our DIY 2 liter Self Watering Planter Post
    2 Liter Self Watering Planter (27)
    DIY 2 Liter Self Watering Planter

    Talking Points

Most plants grow from seeds, some can also grow from other means such as tubers (potatoes), bulbs (onions), and cuttings (rosemary). Celery is such a neat plant. It will regrow the stocks from just the base. Making it one of the perfect plants to use when we talk about regrowing in water.

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