DIY Build Your Own Bug House

My little scientist just loves catching bugs. He can never have too many containers to house his new friends. We observe them then let them free. If your little one likes bugs and you are handy, work together on this big house build.

MaterialsDIY Build Your Own Bug House (5)

Insect Screen

1/4 Inch Wood Board (Scrap Plywood Works)

3/4 Inch Wooden Dowels 

Felt (for handle)

Small Screw (to hold door on)

1 Inch Paddle Hole Drill Bit (To make a pilot hole)

Jigsaw or Table Saw

Wood Glue

Stapler and Staples

Brad Nailer and Nails

Air Compressor


Sander and Sand Paper

Drill with Bits

Safety Goggles, Hearing Protection, and Face Mask

DIY Build Your Own Bug House Plans  (Click to Download, would recommend printing on card stock) 


**This is an adult build with minor help from your little scientist. Take care in using power tools, supervise your child at all times, follow all safety guidelines for your tools.**

  1. Download and print the template. It will make life easier, it took us a little trial and error to get it right. I recommend printing on card stock and cutting it out. Trace the template on your wood board. Cut out your pieces, drill a pilot hole to fit your saw blade in to cut out the circle for the door. Cut the wooden dowels to length.DIY Build Your Own Bug House (78)
  2. Attach the dowels to one of your front door panel and back panel using wood glue and brad nails. Place one in each bottom corner, and one centered on top.DIY Build Your Own Bug House (125)
  3. Cut the insect screen so that it is wider then your bug house. Staple the insect screen on the bottom of the bottom dowel and wrap around the top and staple to the other bottom dowel.DIY Build Your Own Bug House (153)
  4. **Note we learned from experience, we had originally stapled along the edge but it cracked the wood. Do not staple like we did, we didn’t remove the staples because we did not want to damage any further. Follow our fix: Fold the insect screen around the first set of panels to sandwich it between the two panels. Try to pull your screen so it is tight. Attach the second panel to the door panel and the back panel with wood glue and brad nail into the wooden dowels.
  5. Add a handle to the top dowel by rolling up one piece of felt and stapling it in place.
  6. Attach the bottom panel to the bug house by applying wood glue to the dowels then brad nailing along the dowel. Be careful to get the center of the dowel so that it does not poke through.DIY Build Your Own Bug House (198)
  7. Attach the door with a small screw above the center of the opening. Do not tighten all the way down, leave it a little loose so that the door can move.
  8. Enjoy collecting and viewing insects in your new bug house. Make sure to let them go after studying them.


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