Star Wars Inspired Sound Experiment

Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! We had a super time with our Star Wars inspired sound experiment.

MaterialsStar Wars Inspried Sound Experiment (1)

Foam Cup

Metal Slinky


  1. Slid the slinky around your foam cup so it is snug.Star Wars Inspried Sound Experiment (2)
  2. Hold the top of your slinky to the foam cup and let the slinky fall to ground. It works best if you let it hit the ground. Listen to the cool blaster noises.

Talking Points

Sound is transferred by waves. When you use amplification you are increasing the volume that a sound makes using an amplifier. The foam cup acted as an amplifier, very similar to a megaphone. When we dropped the slinky to the ground it was creating a longitudinal wave. A longitudinal wave moves from side to side, or in the same direction as the push and in the opposite direction. In our experiment the longitudinal wave was moving up and down.

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