CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge

Good morning scientists! We have recently joined an organization called CoCoRaHS which stands for Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, & Snow Network. If you have never checked into it before, we highly recommend doing so with your little scientist today! 🙂


Official CoCoRaHS Rain Gauge

Post, Hardware, and Tools to Attach

Optional: Sign for your station. We added this to ours after several of our neighbors walked by and tried to figure out what we were up to.


**This posting is a little different then my usual postings, you must purchase an official rain gauge in order to participate, but you can check out the data without purchasing anything**

  1. Sign up to become a member of CoCoRaHS by going to You must complete a short training that you can also do online as well as order the official rain gauge from one of the two approved online stores.
  2. Once your rain gauge arrives you need to choose a placement location that fits with the requirements outlined in your training. We choose a spot in our front yard that was away from all trees and our house.
  3. Follow the guidelines outlined in the online training to place your post and rain gauge assembly.
  4. Daily check your gauge at your designated time and report your findings to the CoCoRaHS, in order to show on the maps you must collect your data between 4:30-9:30 am. This data is used by a variety of people including your local meteorologists. CoCoRaHS (39)



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