The Unpoppable Balloon Trick

Good morning scientists! This is an adult demo activity. Thank you to our local new station’s Suncoast View for their segment with Meteorologist John Scalzi called Scalzi’s Patio Science Club for teaching us about this fun science trick!

MaterialsUnpoppable Balloon (3)



Balloon Blown Up with Air

Balloon Filled with Water then Blown Up with Air

Safety Goggles


**Adults Only, Take Care with Flame! Never leave a candle unattended**

  1. Blow up a balloon and tie it off.Unpoppable Balloon (4)
  2. Fill a second balloon with water from your tap, then blow it up with the water still stuck inside.Light your candle and hold the balloon with air over the flame. What happens?Relight the candle, and explain to your child that you have an unpoppable balloon. Hold the balloon with air and water over the flame. Try touching the flame with your balloon. Set aside and talk about what happened and whyTalking Points

This investigation worked because of the water inside of the unpoppable balloon. The water spread out the heat from the candle over a greater surface area. This allowed the balloon to stay cooler and it was able to stay blown up.

Water has a high heat capacity. Heat capacity is the amount of heat needed to increase a substances temperature by one degree. This also helped to distribute the heat so that the balloon could withstand the candle’s flame.



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