Perler Bead Art

Good morning scientists! We have been having a lot of fun making perler bead art lately. We thought we’d share the science lesson behind this fun art craft.

MaterialsPerler Bead Art (3)

Perler Beads

Perler Bead Peg Board

Parchment Paper



**Adults only for the iron, use care**

  1. Choose your design: Write Something (Reverse the letters), create your own picture, do a random assortment, or get inspiration from online for a specific idea (Lots of ideas online). Place your beads on the pegboard to create your design.
  2. Cover the finished project with parchment paper. Use the iron on medium heat to fuse the beads together by moving the iron around for 10 seconds an area or until the beads have slightly melted together (I can usually see the beads look slightly wet through the parchment paper).Perler Bead Art (10)
  3. Gently peal the parchment paper off of the art. Allow to cool and gently remove the art from the pegboard.

Talking Points

Perler Beads fuse together because the thermal energy (heat energy) from the iron transfers to perler beads causing the plastic in the beads to melt. The beads where the iron touches go from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid. When you have a substance that changes state (solid, liquid, gas) it is called a physical change.

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