DIY Musical Instruments: Make Your Own Drum

Music is in the air at the Mommy Loves Science House. We just made our own drum. Help your little scientist make their own drum too! You will be glad that you did 🙂

MaterialsMake Your Own Drum (12)

Empty Tub, No Lid (We used an old plastic frosting container)

Rubber band

Disposable Glove (We used a Nitrile Glove)


Optional: 2 Popsicle Sticks


  1. Stretch your glove over the top of the empty tub.Make Your Own Drum (15)
  2. Tightly wrap a rubber band (as tight as you can get it without breaking it) around the rim of the tub to hold the glove firmly in place. We actually had to tighten our rubber band, the glove wasn’t tight enough for the drum to work properly. Trim excess glove material off of the drum. Make Your Own Drum (22)
  3. Enjoy playing music.Make Your Own Drum (25)

Talking Points

In our investigation we made our own drum. When we hear a sound we are actually hearing the sound waves. The skin of a drum vibrates or shakes causing the drum to make sound. The glove in our drum represents the drum’s skin. The drum’s skin vibrates causing the air molecules near it to vibrate and as that sound wave travels to our hear we are able to hear the music being played.

When a sound wave reaches our outer ear (the part on our heads that we see) it gathers the sound and funnels it down our ear canal (the hole in our ear, it even looks a bit like a funnel). The ear canal leads to our ear drum. The ear drum works just like our play drum the sound waves cause the ear drum to vibrate which causes the three ear bones (they are the smallest bones in our bodies) to move. The movement is of the bones makes the fluid inside our inner ear (cochlea) to move. The cochlea sends a message to our brains letting us know that we heard a sound.

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