Do You Really Need Sunblock?


Good afternoon scientists! Here in sunny Florida we use sunblock as an essential year round, but do we really need to? I designed this experiment to prove to my little scientist why sunblock is so important.

MaterialsDo You Really Need Sunblock (2)

Construction Paper (any color, we used black)


Sunny Day

Optional: Tape to hold your paper down (I just folded it over and stuck it to the bottom to hold our paper still)


1. Fold over a small portion of your construction paper. Flip your paper over fold side down on a table or ground.Do You Really Need Sunblock (4)

2. Apply a generous amount of sunblock to you finger tip and draw a picture or write a message. Reapply sunblock as needed to create your masterpiece. Alternatively, you could use the sunblock spray by spraying the inside of your hand and “stamping your paper”.Do You Really Need Sunblock (18)

3. Place you drawing sunblock side up in a sunny spot to catch some rays. Note: it was slightly breezy so I added a couple piece of folded over tape to the bottom to keep ours in place.Do You Really Need Sunblock (24)

4. Leave your paper in the sun for several hours, we left ours for the afternoon. Check on your paper and unfold your control flap from the back so that you can compare paper with no sunlight, paper with sunlight and sunblock, and paper with full sun.

Do You Really Need Sunblock (53)

Talking Points

Our sun’s rays are very powerful and can damage our skin fairly easily. Just an afternoon in the sun caused our black paper’s color to dull (Turn lighter or whiter). When heading outdoors it is essential to apply a broad spectrum SPF sunblock. Sunblock works by blocking the sun’s UVA rays (skin aging) and UVB rays (skin burning).

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