Growing Carrot Greens

Happy Earth Day Scientists! đŸ™‚ WOW was this ever a neat investigation! I recently learned that you can grow carrot greens from the tops of your used carrots. I had to try it with my little scientist and you should too! You can just have the joy of science and watch your carrot sprout new greens or you could use the greens to sprinkle on your food. We ate our carrot greens after growing them for several weeks and they tasted like carrots. My little scientist gave us a taste then ate all the rest. We will definitely be growing more.

MaterialsGrowing Carrot Greens (1)

Carrot tops (Save your scraps)

Shallow Bowl or Small Waterproof Plate




  1. Place the carrot tops (about an inch or so big) cut side down onto a shallow plate or bowl. Cover with water so the top potion is sticking out of the water. Place in a sunny spot away from kids and pets such as your kitchen window sill.Growing Carrot Greens (12)
  2. Check your container daily, keep the water clean and filled. (The taller carrot top did not grow, we removed it on day 7.)

    Growing Carrot Tops Day 2
    Day 2
Carrot Day 5
Day 5
Day 6
Day 6 (Growth started on second short carrot top)
Day 7
Day 7
Growing Carrot Greens (28)
Day 8
Growing Carrot Greens (34)
Day 10

Talking Points

Plants are absolutely amazing. We regrew carrot greens from kitchen scraps in this investigation. While you can not regrow an actual carrot, you can grow the carrot greens. Plants produce their own food through a process called Photosynthesis. In order for a plant to produce food it must have water, nutrients, and sunlight.

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