Recyclable Sailboat Build


We had a great time making our own boat out of our recyclables today. It was a great way to get excited about Earth Day tomorrow! 🙂

MaterialsRecyclable Sailboat Build (2)

Various Items from your Recycling


Duct Tape (It is waterproof if you put it on while your recycling is dry)

Scotch Tape


**Always supervise your child at all times when working with open water**

  1. Gather your Recycling and help your little scientist to determine what is waterproof. Talk about what containers held liquids before. Ask if you need to make any changes to the materials now that they have been used. Decide what to use for your boat’s hull (bottom). My little scientist choose to use the soda cans. First we used our duct tape to cover the opening.Recyclable Sailboat Build (6)
  2. Next he wanted to line the cans up so we taped them together. My little scientist wanted a floor so he picked out some spaghetti boxes that we duct taped to our boat.
  3. To add a mast, we cut a small hole to fit a straw in and taped the straw in place.Recyclable Sailboat Build (17)
  4. Next my little scientist picked out a sail, he choose a plastic spring cheese bag. We taped it to the mast.Recyclable Sailboat Build (18)
  5. Fill a bathtub, the sink, or use your pool to test your sailboat. If you run into problems talk about what worked and what might need to change. Adjust as needed and enjoy your new boat.

Talking Points

In this investigation we used recycled materials to create our very own sail boat! We were testing out boat’s buoyancy or ability to float. The upward force (push) of the water on the boat causes it to stay afloat.

Boat’s hull is the main body of the boat. The mast is the boat’s tall vertical element that holds the sail. The sail of a boat gives the boat movement by catching the wind.

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