Citrus Volcanoes: Lemon Volcano & Orange Volcano

Good afternoon scientists! We made our own citrus volcanoes. It was simple and fun and allowed us to have some good science conversation. Try it with your little one today and you will be having fun doing science with your little one! 🙂

MaterialsCitrus Volcanoes (Lemon Volcano & Orange Volcano) (2)

Citrus Fruit Cut in Half: Lemon OR Orange OR Lime Or Grapefruit (Lemon worked best for us, we did not have a lime or grapefruit handy to try it though)

Baking Soda

Food Coloring

1 Teaspoon Measuring Scoop

Citrus Juicer (Or lots of arm muscle)

Liquid Dish Soap

Large Waterproof Plate


  1. Squeeze the juice from your citrus fruit and set aside. Place the empty peal half (Citrus Bowl) onto a large plateCitrus Volcanoes (Lemon Volcano & Orange Volcano) (5)
  2. Add one teaspoon of liquid (We just did a pump) to each citrus half. (We found you only need to use one half of the orange)Citrus Volcanoes (Lemon Volcano & Orange Volcano) (8)
  3. Add 5 drops of your desired “lava” color.Citrus Volcanoes (Lemon Volcano & Orange Volcano) (24)
  4. Add one teaspoon of baking soda into each half.Citrus Volcanoes (Lemon Volcano & Orange Volcano) (14)
  5. If using a lemon: Pour about half of the lemon juice into each half of the lemon (You can do this at the same time or as two separate reactions. Watch the reaction. OR If using an orange: place all of the juice into one half of the orange and watch the reaction (We did both halves, but there wasn’t enough juice to get good reaction from both volcanoes).

Talking Points

In this investigation we experimented with citrus fruit and baking soda to erupt our volcano. Citrus fruits are all acidic. When a substance is acidic it has a pH of less then neutral. Baking soda is a base, it has a pH higher then 7. When you combined an acid and base together it causes a chemical reaction. In our investigation the chemical reaction was the eruption of the volcano. Lemon juice is more acidic then orange juice hence the lemons having a bigger reaction in both halves.

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