DIY Snow Globe

Good evening Scientists! Today we created our own snow globe. It was easy and fun to do, help your little scientist make one too.

MaterialsDIY Snow Globe (14)

Small Jar or Bottle With Water Tight Seal (plastic is best so you don’t have to worry about broken glass. We used a small plastic jar from the dollar store)


Funnel (For glitter)


Light Corn Syrup

Superglue (Adults Only, We used Gorilla glue gel)

Small Plastic Toy or Plastic Decoration

Optional: Decorations for the outside of the snow globe


**Please fully supervise your child at all times. Never eat or drink in a lab setting. Glass is sharp and dangerous if broken take care when handling. Store out of reach of children and pets**

  1. Make sure that your chosen jar will be water tight by filling with water and shaking around. Dry completely before moving to the next step. ADULTS ONLY FOR THIS Part: Superglue the toy or decoration to the inside lid of your container. Let dry completely without touching the glue.DIY Snow Globe (11)
  2. Add water to fill the jar about 3/4 of the way up.DIY Snow Globe (20)
  3. Add a squeeze of light corn syrup to the jar.DIY Snow Globe (23)
  4. Add the desired amount of glitter. (Our little scientist emptied the whole bottle so ours has EXTRA)

5. Test the lid on the jar to see if you need to add a little more water. Add water if needed then tighten jar lid completely. ADULTS ONLY FOR THIS Optional Part: Carefully glue the lid in place with superglue, allow to dry completely.DIY Snow Globe (29) 6. Enjoy your new snow globe with your little scientist. Discard when water becomes cloudy or discolored.

Talking Points

The water and corn syrup mixture is able to slow down the effects of gravity on the glitter after you shake up your snow globe. Gravity is the force that pulls an object to the biggest object near it, here on Earth it is the planet itself.

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