DIY Recyclable Jellyfish Wind Dancer

Good afternoon scientists! My little scientist loved making the DIY Barometer yesterday and asked me what scientists use to look at wind. One of the tools is a windsock. You can make this wind dancer entirely out of recyclables. We will also be making an official windsock in the future.


DIY Recyclable Jellyfish Wind Dancer (8)

Plastic Grocery Bags (The more colors the better)


Plastic Ring (We used the ring from the plastic spaghetti sauce container)

Balloon Spring


  1. Cut the plastic bags in half so that there is a handle on each half.DIY Recyclable Jellyfish Wind Dancer (9)
  2. Loop the handle of the bag through the plastic ring then back through the bag’s handle, pull tightly.
  3. Keep adding bags to the ring until it is fully covered. Then go back through the bags and cut open the bottom sections so that they are open and water will not get stuck.DIY Recyclable Jellyfish Wind Dancer (25)
  4. Use the old balloon string to make a hanger by trying both halves to the ring at the desired length to hang. Enjoy watching your “Jellyfish” dance to the wind.DIY Recyclable Jellyfish Wind Dancer (31)

Talking Points

Wind sock  is cylinder or cone shaped and is mounted on a mast to show the strength and direction of the wind. Although our “jellyfish” is not a cylinder shape it does act in the same way that a traditional windsock moves. It will move based on the strength and direction of the wind. Plus it helped us to reuse some of our recyclables.

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