Floating Dancing Stick Figure

We did a really cool activity today. You will need a plate, wipe-able marker, and water. Perfect for a quick science lesson with your little scientist 🙂



Wipe-able Marker (Expo Markers did not work for us)

Water in Container


1. Using a wipe-able marker draw a stick figure on a plate.

2. Add water to the plate. Watch as you stick figure starts to peal up from the plate.

3. Help your stick figure “dance” around.

Talking Points

We were able to float our stick figure making him dance. This is not magic but instead had everything to do with science. Our wipe-able marker has ink that is insoluble (doesn’t dissolve in water). The ink is also less dense then water so it peels off of our plate and starts to float on the water. Density is how compact something is, the more compact the molecules (parts that make of the object) the denser the object. Density can be calculated by taking an objects mass and dividing it by the volume. Mass is the measure of the amount of atoms (smallest building block of material) in a object. Volume is the about of space an object takes up.

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