Melted Bead Bowl

Good evening scientists! We were inspired by PBS Kids to create an awesome Melted Bead Bowl. This investigation will help you to be having fun doing science with your little one.


Melted Bead Bowl (1)

Plastic Beads

Cooking Spray (You can sub in Vegetable Oil)

Oven Mitt(s)

Baking Sheet

Oven Safe Bowl

Cooling Rack


**Adults only for operating the Oven/Hot Tray/ Hot Bowl. Use non-toxic plastic and limit breathing in fumes.**

Step by Step Plans on PBS Kids:

**Note we used slightly bigger beads, maybe Perler Beads would have been better, ours needed more time in the oven then the linked directions indicated.

**Use non-toxic plastic and limit breathing in fumes– We set our cooling tray in our garage away from kids and pets to cool off our bowl. It helped use to limit the tell-tale melted plastic smell.

Talking Points

In this investigation we melted plastic beads to create a cool decorative bowl. When you melt a substance you use heat to turn the substance into a liquid. We stopped the melting process before the plastic beads had completely melted. When you melt an object this is an example of a physical change. In a physical change the substance remains the same substance but in a different form. We changed the solid plastic beads into a liquid, when the bowl was allowed the cool completely the plastic beads then returned to solid form.

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