Jaw Breakers Density Mystery

Good afternoon scientists! After yesterday’s Colorful Gobstopper Investigation my little scientist was wondering if the same thing would happen with other hard candies so today we tried the experiment using Jaw Breakers Candies. It left us with an amazing mystery that fascinated us all. Try having fun with your little one in our newest investigation 🙂

MaterialsJaw Breakers Density Mystery (6)

Jaw Breakers Candies

Shallow Plate or Dish



  1. Open up all of your Jaw Breakers (We had individually wrapped ones) and place around the edge of your plate or dish, make sure to alternate colors. Fill your plate or shallow dish so that the Jaw Breakers are partially submerged.
  2. Watch the candies dissolve until the color reaches the center of the plate/dish. Be careful not to bump your plate/dish.
  3. Continue watching the layers of colors. (We noticed in our experiment that there was a clear laying of densities from top to bottom: Water –> Purple –> Green –> Orange)Jaw Breakers Density Mystery (33)

Talking Points

In this investigation we watched Jaw Breakers Candies dissolve in water. It was completely fascinating for me and my little scientist to observe that the colors stayed separate throughout the experiment. In our experiment the water simulated our saliva, just like the candies dissolve in our mouth they also dissolve in the water in the dish. The outer coating of the Jaw Breakers was water soluble, able to dissolve in water, and the dye in the outer coating dyed the water the color of the Jaw Breakers.

As we learned from our Density in a Jar Investigation, all materials have a specific density. Density is how compact something is, the more compact the molecules (parts that make of the object) the denser the object. Density can be calculated by taking an objects mass and dividing it by the volume. Mass is the measure of the amount of atoms (smallest building block of material) in a object. Volume is the about of space an object takes up. In this experiment, what was truly fascinating to us was that the densities of the different dyes in the outer coating of the Jaw Breakers was different. From least dense to most dense we saw: Water–> Purple –> Green –> Orange

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