Colorful Gobstoppers

Good evening scientists! We explored the fascinating effect of Gobstoppers today. Take a break from these stressful times and have fun doing science with your little scientist today.


Colorful Gobstoppers (4)

Gobstoppers (Multiple Colors)


Shallow Dish or Plate


  1. Open up all of your Gobstoppers (We had the fun sized ones) and place around the edge of your plate or dish, make sure to alternate colors. (We had to move them off to the side and fill first then space them out. It was easier for our little scientist, but the experiment would have been better to have all of the candies start dissolving at the same time.) Fill your plate or shallow dish so that the Gobstoppers are partially submerged.
  2. Watch the candies dissolve until the color reaches the center of the plate/dish. Be careful not to bump your plate/dish. (We accidentally bumped ours and it did move the colors slightly.)

Talking Points

In this investigation we watched Gobstopper Candies dissolve in water. It was completely fascinating for me and my little scientist to observe that the colors stayed separate throughout the experiment. We also noticed that the purple Gobstopper started to turn red towards the end of the outer-shell dissolving. In our experiment the water simulated our saliva, just like the candies dissolve in our mouth they also dissolve in the water in the dish. The outer coating of the Gobstopper is water soluble, able to dissolve in water, and the dye in the outer coating dyed the water the color of the Gobstopper. I am not currently sure what in the different colored dyes caused them to repel one another instead of gently mixing together at the edges where they met. It sure was cool to watch!

The purple Gobstopper started to turn red towards the end of the outer shell dissolving. I believe this is an occurrence dye to the dues used to make the purple color. Purple is a secondary color or a color created from combining two of the primary colors (red, yellow and blue). To make the color purple blue and red are mixed together. Perhaps there was more red dye present then blue causing the sudden burst of red at the end of the outer-shell dissolving in the purple Gobstopper.

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