Oreo Moon Phases

My little scientist loved this tasty way to talk about the phases of the moon. Try this educational and tasty investigation with your little scientist today!

MaterialsOreo Moon Phases (2).JPG

Oreo Cookies

Paper Plate

Sharpie Marker OR Pen OR Writing Utensil


**Make sure to keep a clean work surface, but this investigation is okay to eat, in fact it is encouraged**

  1. Have your little scientist start twisting apart Oreo cookies in half.Oreo Moon Phases (7)
  2. Arrange your cookie in the order of the phases of the moon. You may need to eat the frosting off a few to get them in the right shapes.Oreo Moon Phases (16)
  3. Label the paper plate with the phases of the moon.Oreo Moon Phases (12)

Talking Points

 This is a great way to start talking to your child about how the moon looks differently during different parts of the month. The Lunar phase or Moon phase is how the moon looks from Earth based on the sunlight shining on it. When we have a Full Moon the Earth is blocking none of the sunlight from hitting the moon so it is fully visible from Earth. When we have a New Moon the Earth is in-between the sun and moon,  the sun’s light is completely blocked from illuminating the moon, so we do not see the moon during a new moon. As the Earth and moon travel around the sun the view of the moon changes slightly as the month progresses going through eight different phases over the course of the month. The moon phases progress from New Moon –> Waxing Crescent –> First Quarter –>Waxing Gibbous –>Full –> Waning Gibbous –> Third Quarter –> Waning Crescent –> New Moon.

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