Nature Journal

Good Afternoon scientists! Today we made our own nature journal. It is a great way to get excited about all the different plants, leaves, and flowers you can find outdoors.


Nature Journal (3)

Scrapbook Paper, Construction Paper, or Colored Paper (To decorate the cover)

Card Stock OR Scrapbook Paper OR Paper Bags (for pages)

Cardboard (Covers)

Safety Scissors

Regular Scissors (Adults only)

Colored Yarn or Thin Ribbon

Tape or Glue

Single Hole Punch (We tried the multi hole punch but the cardboard was too thick)

Colored Pencils, Crayons, or Paint (to decorate cover)

How to Guide

**Be able to identify and stay away from any dangerous plants or bugs in your area**

  1. Have an adult cut the cardboard to the desired size of your nature journal.Nature Journal (4)
  2. Cover the cardboard in decorative paper or designs.
  3. Using a single hole punch, punch two to three holes in the side of your journal cover. Copy the hole locations for the back cover. (We also covered our covers in a layer of packing tape after hole punching, so that they would stand up better to the elements. Then punched a hole to match in the packing tape)Nature Journal (12)
  4. Cut your page paper slightly smaller then your cover. Punch holes in the same spot as the cover.Nature Journal (15)
  5. Carefully line up the holes for your journal and string a piece of yarn into the opening. Give your little scientist room to add flowers and leaves into their journal by making a larger then needed loop and secure with several knots.Nature Journal (16)
  6. Go outside and add in fun nature finds to your journal using tape or glue. Add the date and any information your little scientist wants to their journal pages.Nature Journal (22)


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