Bottle Crush

Hi scientists! We just crushed a bottle without using our hands, can you? Do the bottle crush investigation to find out!

MaterialsBottle Crush (1)

Empty Water Bottle with Cap

Warm Water

Large Bowl

Ice Cubes (Enough to fill bowl)


  1. Fill large bowl with ice.Bottle Crush (4)
  2. **Note make sure that the water is not too hot for your little scientists before you allow them to fill the bottle** Help your little scientist fill up a empty water bottle with warm water. After the bottle is filled up, turn off the water and empty the bottle. Cap the bottle closed as fast as possible.
  3. Place the bottle into the ice bowl as quickly as possible. Watch what happens.Bottle Crush (17)

Talking Points

The bottle crushed itself when placed in the ice bowl. This happened because inside the bottle was trapped warm air. Heat (Warmth) always travels from hot to cold until the two temperatures equal one another this is known as heat transfer. Heat transfer happens in three different ways by convection (movement of gas or air), conduction (touching), and radiation (radiation passes through other objects, the sun’s light travels this way). In our experiment the bottle crushed itself due to conduction. When the ice touched the bottle, the bottle was touching the warm air inside and the heat transferring caused the bottle to crush in on itself.

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