Canedeni (The Disappearing Candy Cane)

Happy Holiday Days! We just finished up another exciting candy cane experiment. We wanted to know if we could make a candy cane disappear using hot and cold water. Want to make yours disappear too, then this is the investigation for you.

MaterialsCanedeni (1)

2 Empty Plastic Containers (Must be big enough to fit your whole Candy Cane)

2 Candy Canes (Any brand or variety)


1 Coffee Cup (To heat water in)


Towel or Paper Towels (To clean up any spills)


**Adults only for the hot water. Hot water can cause burns, be very careful.**

**Do not eat or drink in a lab setting**

  1. Double check that your candy cane will fit in your chosen container, note how much water you will need to completely cover the candy cane. Fill one of the plastic containers with cold tap water (My little scientist did about 3/4 of the way up).Canedeni (7)
  2. Adults Only: Fill the coffee mug with water, microwave for 1 minute. Carefully pour the hot water into the hot water container (I had to refill my mug and add another cup full).Canedeni (11)
  3. Do a countdown and have your little scientist add their candy cane to the cold water and the adult candy cane in the hot water.Canedeni (12)
  4. Watch your candy canes carefully to see the results.

Extended Learning

  • Try with other types of cold liquids such as white vinegar, clear soda, or corn syrup.

Talking Points

Why did your candy cane do a magical act like Houdini? The answer: candy canes are made of sugar and when you introduced the hot water it dissolved the sugar. Dissolve is when a solid is placed into a liquid that slowly causes the solid to disappear, mixing with the liquid to form a solution. A solution is a liquid mixture. Solutions have a solvent (Major part of mixture) and solute (minor part of mixture, dissolved into the solvent). In our investigation the solvent was the water an the solute was the candy cane.

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