Snapping Candy Canes

Happy holidays scientists! Today we tested the strength of a few candy canes. You should try this one too!

MaterialsSnapping Candy Canes (2)

Candy Canes (Any brand or variety)

Marbles (about 100 or another similar item, large washers would work well)


Tape (We used packing tape)

Single Hole Punch

Disposable Plastic Drinking Cup


  1. Use a single hole punch to punch two holes across from each on the top of a plastic drinking cup.
  2. Tie the string in a knot through both of the holes to form a loop for the candy cane to hold. Tape the knot/extra string in place for added security.
  3. Loop the string over the hook end of your candy cane. Add marbles one at a time to your cup until the candy cane breaks.
  4. Try this on a few of your candy canes to get the average (Add up all counts and divide by the total trials) amount of marbles needed to break the candy cane

Talking Points

In this investigation we tested a candy cane to see how many marbles it took to break the hook end. We were testing the strength of the materials in the candy cane. Strength is the ability to withstand great force, stress, or pressure. The stronger the material the more force, stress, and pressure it can withstand. Force is the strength an object has in relation to actions or movements. Stress is the pressure placed on an object. Pressure is the constant force placed on something.

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