DIY Lung in a Bottle

Good evening scientists! We just made our own lung in a bottle. This is an adult build. My little scientist enjoyed playing with his lung in a bottle after I made it.


Lung in a Bottle (1)

Empty Plastic Bottle

2 Balloons


Packing Tape (May need if your bottle is too soft when you cut it)

Towel (To dry the inside of your bottle if still wet)


**This is built by Adults Only**

  1. Cut the bottom of the water bottle off. It is easiest to cut if you squeeze the bottle. Level off your cut if it is a little crooked.Lung in a Bottle (3)
  2. Dry out your bottle if it is still wet/damp. Insert one of your balloons into the top of the plastic bottle and attach the open end to the top of the bottle top.Lung in a Bottle (7)
  3. Optional (We needed to do this step) wrap the bottom of your bottle in a layer of packing tape. It is easiest to place a piece of tape so that it is about halfway on the outside of the bottle then cut slots on the loose tape so it is easier to fold down into the bottle.
  4. Cut the second balloon so that you only have the bottom half.Lung in a Bottle (8)
  5. Stretch the cut balloon so it is holding onto the bottom of the plastic bottle. Gently squeeze the middle of the bottle to operate the lung in the bottle.

Talking Points

We created a model of how one of our major organs, the lung, works. An organ is a part of the body that is self contained and has a specific job. The balloon in the bottle represents a lung. A lung is the organ that air is drawn into as we breathe in or inhale. The bottom balloon presents the diaphragm. A diaphragm is an arch shaped muscle that helps us to breathe. As the diaphragm contracts (gets tighter) it moves down which increases the space in your chest cavity allowing the lungs to fill up with air. You can feel your diaphragm contracting and expanding when you breathe by touching right above your tummy when you breathe in deeply. In your lung in a bottle as we squeezed the bottle gently the balloon shrinks and when we let go the pressure the balloon expands.

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