Nature Bag and Walk

Good evening scientists! Earlier today we made our own nature bag and went on a fun nature walk. It was a great way to explore our local park with nature trails.


Nature Bag and Walk (2)


Felt Sheet


Single Hole Punch

Marker (Optional)

Directions for Nature Bag

  1. Have your little scientist pick out a felt sheet color that they like. Fold the felt sheet in half (Hamburger style). Use a single hole punch to punch out holes in the felt along the two sides. If you have trouble punching through the folded over sheet then punch down one side and mark through the hole so that the hole will match up when you refold.
  2. Insert the string into the bottom hole of the folded over felt sheet and tie the string in a large knot.Nature Bag and Walk (12)
  3. Weave the string in and out of the hole that you made until you get to the top. Leave the extra string if your little scientist would like to make a strap.
  4. Repeat Sets 2 and 3 on the other side of the felt. Finish by overlapping the extra string, tie a slip knot for adjustment.Nature Bag and Walk (21)
  5. Enjoy your new nature bag by going out and exploring.Nature Bag and Walk (20)

Our Nature Walk

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