Color Changing Celery

Good evening scientists! My little scientist and I have been conducting the color changing celery investigation for the past few days. It was easy and fun. 🙂


Cups or Vases (At least 2)

Celery (With leaves or without)

Food Coloring (Gloves if worried about staining)


Knife (Adults Only)

Cutting Board


  1. Place one stick of celery in each glass and fill the glass about halfway up with water.Color Changing Celery (4)
  2. Add at least 10 drops of chosen food coloring to each cup. (We use green I’d skip the light green next time) Use the celery to gently mix the food coloring into the water.Color Changing Celery (7)
  3. Place the glasses in a sunny area safely away from children and pets. It will need to sit for a few days.
  4. **ADULTS ONLY** Using a knife cut each of the celery pieces in half.Color Changing Celery (14)
  5. Show your little scientist the results.

Talking Points

Plants make food through a process known as photosynthesis. In order to make food plants need water, minerals or nutrients, and sunlight. In this investigation we saw that plants have small tubes that carry water and nutrients from the roots up to the leaves of the plant. Celery is a great example because you can clearly see the tubes, circles, of the water transportation in the stems. These tubes are known as zylem and phloem. The zylem carries water and nutrients up the stem of the plant to the leaves. Phloem carry the food (sugars) that the plants make to the rest of the plant.

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