Growing Gummy Bears

Good morning scientists! Last night my little scientist and I set up a gummy bear experiment before bed. This morning we found: This bear is too big, this bear is too small, and this bear is just right!


Growing Gummy Bears (4)

Gummy Bears (Any brand)


Light Corn Syrup

Small Clear Cups (We used condiment cups with lids)


  1. Pour water into one of the cups until it is about 2/3 of the way filled. Then pour light corn syrup into the other cup until it is about 2/3 of the way filled. Growing Gummy Bears (5)
  2. Place one gummy bear into each cup. The gummy bear in the light corn syrup will need to be gently pushed down.Growing Gummy Bears (8)
  3. Let the cups sit overnight away from children and pets. We used a cup with a lid so that we could simply cap the cups.
  4. Check out your Gummy Bears to see what happened while you were sleeping.

Talking Points

In this experiment our gummy bears changed as they sat overnight. The one in the corn syrup got just a tiny bit smaller and the gummy bear in the water grew in size. This was do to osmosis. Osmosis is the movement of water across the membrane (tiny skin), the water moves from higher concentration (where there is more) to lower concentration (where there is less). When we placed the gummy bear into the water, there was more water in the cup then in the gummy bear. The water particles (Small parts) moved from the cup into the gummy bear through the semi-permeable membrane (Thin skin with tiny, tiny holes). Gummy bears are made up of corn syrup as well as a few other ingredients. When the gummy bear was placed in the light corn syrup some of the liquid in the gummy bear moved from the gummy bear into the corn syrup causing the gummy bear to shrink a tiny bit.

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