Two Ingredient DIY Moon Sand

Hi there scientists! We just made our own “Moon Sand”. You too should make this fun two ingredient sand for hours of fun! 🙂


DIY Moon Sand (2)


Baby Oil

1/2 Dry Cup Measuring Cup

Large Bowl or Container (With lid if you’d like to play another day)

Optional: Sand play toys


**Wash hands thoroughly with soap when finished playing, do not eat or drink anything in a lab setting. Follow all warnings on your baby oil bottle**

  1. Add 4 cups of flour to your chosen container. DIY Moon Sand (6)
  2. Pour 1/2 cup of baby oil in the measuring cup for your little scientist and add it to the flour.DIY Moon Sand (7)
  3. Mix until completely incorporated (We used the measuring cup and our hands to mix). If the mixture still looks very wet then add a bit of flour and mix up again. **Do not switch between measuring flour, oil, and back without thoroughly washing with soap and drying the measuring scoop.**DIY Moon Sand (22)
  4. Watch your little scientist build and explore their new “Moon Sand”. We ended up getting out some toothpicks to play with our creations, **Warning they are sharp, judge your child’s readiness level if you decide to use them, keep away from eyes.DIY Moon Sand (20)
  5. Thoroughly wash out your measuring cup and hands with soap and water when done playing.

Talking Points

In this investigation we created a chemical reaction by making a new material using two ingredients. When we added the baby oil to the flour it changed the consistency so that your child could build and create shapes with the moon sand.

Extended Learning: Have even more fun learning about the moon

Moon Phase Cups (36)
Moon Phase Cups
Oreo Moon Phases (12)
Oreo Moon Phases
Moon Craters (21)
Moon Craters

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