Shell Sort

Good evening scientists! My little scientist wanted to play with our shells collection today, we decided to sort them out by size. All you need for this investigation are various shells.


Assorted Shells (Coral, driftwood, or any other item you would like to sort)


  1. Gather various, assorted shells and place them randomly on your table.
  2. Have your little scientist observe (look at) your shells.
  3. Talk to your little scientist about how you could group the shells. Let your little scientist sort out the shells in any way they choose (size, color, shape, etc.)

Talking Points

This is a simple investigation that actually covered many important topics. By thinking about how to group the shells, your little scientist is learning how to classify objects. Scientists Classify or group and arrange living things by shared similarities. We have a system of organizing and naming organisms called taxonomy. We organize all organisms in hierarchical order from the biggest possible group to the most specific group. The groupings are called taxa and they are kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

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