DIY Hovercraft

Good evening scientists! My little scientist and I just had a blast playing with our DIY Hovercraft. You will too! Help your little scientist with the super fun and easy to make DIY Hovercraft! 🙂



Water Bottle Top with a Pop Top


Hot-glue and Hot-glue Gun (Cool glue and cool glue gun works too and is a bit safer, but can still burn)

Optional: Scissors (to cut off the lid to the pop top)



  1. First cut the top of the water bottle pop top lid off or twist and break it off (Please make sure the cut plastic is not sharp, we don’t want any injuries.)DIY Hovercraft (5)
  2. Hot glue the pop top over the hole in the CD **USE CAUTION, hot glue is very hot and can cause burns, keep away from children and allow to cool off in an area away from children and pets. Follow all safety guidelines on your hot glue gun**DIY Hovercraft (9)
  3. Let dry completely away from children and pets.DIY Hovercraft (10)
  4. Blow up the balloon and twist to stop the air from coming out.DIY Hovercraft (11)
  5. Put the balloon on top of your hovercraft assembly.DIY Hovercraft (12)
  6. Let go of the balloon and watch your little scientist have a blast! 🙂DIY Hovercraft (16)

Talking Points

A hovercraft is a special vehicle that is able to gently float on top of land and some other surfaces. Hovercrafts are able to “float” because they are forming an air cushion under the vehicle. In our DIY hovercraft the air from the balloon is able to go through the hole in the pop top, down the hole in the CD, and create an air cushion under the CD. The air cushion reduces the affects of friction. Friction is the force that causes objects to slow down and eventually stop. A simple way to demonstrate friction is by rubbing your hands together. When you rub your hands together they warm up, this is due to friction. Heat is given off as the by product of friction. When your hovercraft balloon ran out of air your hovercraft also stopped. This was because it could no longer float on the cushion of air and the friction increased stopping the hovercraft.

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