Density in a Jar (6 Layers)

Good evening scientists! My little scientist and I decided to do another experiment today! Hooray! We studied density in a jar.


Density in a Jar (1)

Glass or Plastic Empty Jar (We used a pickle jar)


Light Corn Syrup

Dish Soap

Water (Bottle is recommended, it makes it easier for your little scientist)

Vegetable Oil

Baby Oil

Food Coloring and Small container (Gloves if worried about dyeing your fingers)

Toothpicks (To mix food coloring)

Recommended: Waterproof Shirt or Apron

Optional: Large Skewer


**Supervise child at all times, do not drink lab materials, wash hands when done.**

**Use caution with toothpicks and skewers**

  1. Pour honey into the center of the empty jar and let settle (Layer 1).Density in a Jar (4)
  2. Pour corn syrup into small container to dye it with food coloring of your desired choice. Have your little scientist mix up the food coloring.Density in a Jar (5)
  3. Pour the corn syrup into the center of the jar, let settle completely (Layer 2).Density in a Jar (13)
  4. Follow the method from step three to dye dish soap if desired. Pour dish soap into the center of the jar, let settle completely (Layer 3).Density in a Jar (14)
  5. Dye your Water to desired color in the water bottle or follow the method form step three. Pour water into the jar, let settle completely (Layer 4).Density in a Jar (20)
  6. **Won’t dye** Pour vegetable oil into the jar, let settle completely (Layer 5).Density in a Jar (22)
  7. **Won’t Dye** Pour baby oil into the jar, let settle completely (Layer 6).Density in a Jar (28)

Optional extensions:

  • Try mixing the layers of your Density in a Jar up with a long skewer. Let Settle, how many layers were you left with?
  • Try changing the order of the liquids
  • Try adding different liquids

Talking Points

All materials have a specific density. Density is how compact something is, the more compact the molecules (parts that make of the object) the denser the object. Density can be calculated by taking an objects mass and dividing it by the volume. Mass is the measure of the amount of atoms (smallest building block of material) in a object. Volume is the about of space an object takes up. In this experiment our density in a jar shows that the most dense liquid is on the bottom of the jar and the least dense object is on the top. From most dense to least dense: honey, light corn syrup, dish soap, water,vegetable oil, and baby oil.

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