DIY Bat Kite

Hi Scientists! We are getting ready for Halloween with a fun DIY Bat Kite! Try it with your little scientist.


Bat Kite Template (Click to Download) print on Card Stock Paper

Scissors (Safety Scissors if your little scientist is cutting)



Single Hole, Hole Punch

Drinking Straw

Ribbon or Streamer for Tail

Packing Tape


  1. Print out the Bat Kite Template on card stock paper.
  2. Have your little scientist color the bat any way they chose (Mine wanted a Rainbow Colored Bat)
  3. Cut out the Bat
  4. On each end of the bat’s wing, punch a hole about 1 1/2 inches from the tip.
  5. Insert the straw into the holes of the bat. We tried this with the bat facing us and with its back to us. You can set-up your kite as you chose.
  6. Tie your string around the center of the straw OR Insert the string through the straw and pull into a triangle shape to knot the string.
  7. Attach your ribbon or streamer to the bottom of your bat kite to be the kite’s tail.
  8. Enjoy flying your kite on a windy day! 🙂

Talking Points

Kites are able to fly due to the four fores of flight (lift, weight, drag, and thrust). They must have wind in order to fly and be able to overcome the gravity (pull of Earth on objects, why objects fall down) and drag (the force that is causing the kite to slow down). We added a tail to our kite to help stabilize it. The tail changes the drag to the bat kite’s tail to help it stay upright in the air. Kites needs Lift in order to overcome gravity and drag. Lift is the upward force of the kite, you get this from taking a running start and from thrust. Thrust is the power of the wind and it helps you to be able to create lift.

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