Dinosaur “Fossil” Dig

Good evening scientists! My little scientist and I just finished up the exciting Dinosaur “Fossil” Dig! It was super fun! You should try it with your little scientist.

Materials Needed

Large Plastic Tub


Plastic Dinosaur Toys



  1. Fill your plastic tub up about halfway with sand.
  2. Hide the dinosaurs in the sand for your little scientist to find
  3. Have your little scientist use the paintbrush to gently brush over the sand to find the hidden dinosaurs. If they have trouble finding the dinosaurs have them use the back of the paintbrush to gently poke the sand to find the dinosaurs, then they can gently dig with the paintbrush bristles for the dinosaurs.
  4. Enjoy exploring for the hidden “fossils”.

Talking Points

In this investigation your little scientist is pretending to be an paleontologist, a scientist that studies dinosaurs and their bones. The dinosaur toys are used to represent fossils know in this case as dinosaur bones. Just like in real life your little scientist should take care when unearthing their fossils. Paleontologist must use care when uncovering a new find often using the smallest of tools like brushes to slowly uncover the remains so that they do not get damaged.



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