Sedimentary Rock Sand Art

Good evening scientists! Today my little scientist and I modeled sedimentary rock by making sand art. We had a great time and a new art piece for the house.

Materials Needed

Sedimentary Rock Sand Art (3)

Container with Lid (I recommend plastic, we used a clean, empty peanut butter jar)

Various Colors of Sand

Funnel (I recommend one with a medium or large opening)

Optional: Travel Sized Shampoo Bottles, One per Color


  1. Place funnel in the opening of your chosen container
  2. Have your little scientist add sand into the funnel. Fill layers as large or small as they chose.
  3. Repeat Step 2 changing colors as often as you like until filled to desired height (As you near the top of the container you will need to hold the funnel for your scientist as they fill)
  4. Enjoy your new beautiful art piece.

Talking Points

In this investigation the sand is acting as layers of Sedimentary Rock, rock that is made up of smaller rocks and particles that have been fused together. Each new color represents a new layer of sedimentary rock. Just like in the Rock Cycle, the cycle that recycles rocks into new rock, your sedimentary rock is made by layering new rock on top of older rock. This is know as the Law of Superposition.

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