Water Cycle in a Bag

Good morning scientists! My little scientist and I have already started the day with a fun water cycle in a bag investigation. I hope you will help your little scientists with this fun way to show how the water cycle works here on planet Earth.

Materials Needed


Gallon sized food storage bag

Water Cycle Drawing (Click to Download)

Permanent Marker

Packing Tape


  1. Trace Water Cycle Drawing or Draw Your Own.water cycle bag (1)
  2. Fill Bag to the Water Fill Line. We used the sink, but if you prefer measure it out ahead and have your child pour it in the bag.water cycle bag (13)
  3. Hang in a SUNNY spot. We choose our front window.water cycle bag (15)
  4. Sit back and enjoy your Water Cycle in a Bag 🙂 It may take a few days to start to rain.water cycle bag (34)

Talking Points

This bag will act like the Earth. On planet Earth our water is in a closed system. The bag acts like the atmosphere holding our water here on the planet. As the water heats up it will turn into water vapor, evaporation. Water vapor is gas form of water. The droplets of water will gather in the bag, condensation. They will collect to form your clouds. As the water level increases in the top of the bag it will slowly start to “rain”, precipitation.

You can listen to me sing the Water Cycle Song:

Extended Learning: Check out our other water cycle learning opportunity

Rain Cloud in a Jar (31)
Rain Could In a Jar

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